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Yoga Videos for All Skill Levels

Practice in the comfort of your home with our original 3 videos:

  1. Yoga for Beginners 
  2. Yoga for Intermediates 
  3. Yoga Pranayama (Breathing) & Eye exercises 

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YB101 DVD - 65 minutes

Price: $20

(Includes TX sales tax + shipping in US)

Yoga for Beginners - with Bharati Amin

Now you can reap the benefits of Hatha (Physical) Yoga with this beginner-level
Yoga exercise program. Yoga exercises or poses, also known as asanas, are
helpful in the preservation and promotion of health, both in the mind and in the

The 18 exercises demonstrated here help in the prevention of diseases and treatment of many ailments such as chronic colds, bronchial asthma,
hypertension, back pain, neck pain, sinus trouble, headaches, diabetes mallitus,
anxiety, and neurosis. They can even work wonders in weight-control when done in conjunction with a low-calorie diet. Practicing yoga has an equal and
beneficial effect on all the body systems viz. respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, excretory, endocrine, and central nervous system.

Yoga can be practiced by children as young as 5 years as well as adults as old as 90 years. And it doesn't require any special equipment - just yourself!

Format: DVD-R 
Color/65 minutes

YB102 DVD - 100 minutes

Price: $20

(Includes TX sales tax + shipping in US)

Yoga for Intermediates - with Bharati Amin

For intermediate-level Hatha Yoga students who have completed Yoga for Beginners with Bharati Amin, this video teaches you more advanced exercises as
well as how to improve on what you have already learned.

As an intermediate student, you will learn how to increase the balance and
suppleness of your body and mind. The 20 poses covered will help you stay ever young. Poses such as the inverted pose (shoulder stand), practiced in conjunction
with the fish pose, are excellent for fighting premature aging. Many of the
exercises shown also help release the stress and strain associated with a sedentary life-style. In addition, they tone your entire body and improve your body posture. Doing them improves neuro-muscular coordination, which is the basis of all human skills. They bring balance in weight, height, and age of your body.

Format: DVD-R
Color/100 minutes

YB103 DVD - 85 minutes

Price: $20

(Includes TX sales tax + shipping in US)

Yoga Pranayama Breathing and Eye Exercises - 
with Bharati Amin

Pranayama, the science of breath, is the link between the mental and physical
disciplines. While the action is physical, the effect is to make the mind calm, lucid,
and steady. 

Eight varieties of breathing exercises are taught within Pranayama.
They produce a very good and invigorating effect on the brain and mental nerves.
This removes irregularities and tones up the functions of the brain. All-round
development of the pituitary and pineal glands are brought about by practicing Pranayama regularly.

Like asanas, Pranayama, has both preventive and curative effects on the body. It
gives power of resistance against diseases. Its effect is seen not only on the
breathing process, but also on other organs of the body. The liver, kidney, and
intestines are all toned up by these breathing exercises. It also gives relief to
diseases of the ears, tongue, eyes, and throat, and helps expel impurities.

Ten varieties of eye exercises are also included in this program. They help
strengthen eye muscles, improve eye-sight, and relax the eyes.

Format: DVD-R
Color/85 minutes

CAUTION: People suffering from any serious disorder should undertake exercises at their own responsibility. Persons with a weak heart, lungs, or high blood pressure should consult their doctor first.

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