Yoga Books

Yoga and Meditation Books

Age-old spiritual wisdom in concise, practical, bite-size  booklets.

Get the essence of all yogic and spiritual wisdom from these concise books...

  • You asked about Sri Aurobindo: 25 Answers
  • Peace—The Womb of Power
  • OM—The Magical Mystical Sound
  • Facing Life—Basics for a Seeker
  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Black-Eyed Peas or Brahman the Absolute? —Conversations with the Supreme
  • Mantras Eternal
  • The Cosmic Beauty of Mental Silence

Most books are $5.00 and up. To purchase a book, email us at or let us know in-person at our yoga class. 

You asked about Sri Aurobindo: 25 Answers

Price: $5.00

Dynamic Meditation

Price: $5.00

Facing Life - Basics for a Seeker is talk given by Arun Amin. 
You can download a free pdf of the eBook for personal use.
Facing Life.pdf Facing Life.pdf
Size : 172.174 Kb
Type : pdf


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